Community Mouth Nose Mask - yellow - gabriele frantzen
Community Mouth Nose Mask - yellow - gabriele frantzen
Community Mouth Nose Mask - yellow - gabriele frantzen

Community Mouth Nose Mask - yellow

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STAY SAFE BUT MAKE IT FUN & FASHION-FORWARD with Gabriele´s new community mouth nose masks !

From ancient times humans adorned themselves with hand-made jewels to set themselves apart. 

Our current situation calls for staying safe while not losing that individuality. So why not mix safety with fun? The capsule mask collection by Gabriele Frantzen does just that: 

Beautiful, handmade community mouth- nose masks in Oeko- Tex 100 cotton provide safety and comfort.

To bring the fun, Gabriele adds decorative pins- featuring her best-selling signature jewelry pieces-that can be moved around and customized to showcase YOUR unique personal style.

Stay safe and have fun with it!

For hygienic reasons, the community masks cannot be returned or exchanged.

Intended for private use only.

No medical device or personal protective equipment. Not suitable for use in health care, as occupational safety or other protective equipment to protect against infections or other pollutants.

  • The community mouth – nose mask is not a medical device or is a personal protective equipment.
  • The community mask is only intended for private use, especially not as a protective equipment against infections and other pollutants or for use in health care or as occupational safety
  • The community mask should be worn over mouth and nose. The nose clip must be adjusted to the shape of the nose.
  • If the community mask becomes moist, remove the mask or change it.
  • In order to avoid contamination, directly after use, seal your community mask in an airtight plastic bag and wash immediately 
  • Hands should be washed with soap and/ or cleaned with a suitable disinfectant before and after removing or touching the mask
  • Recommended washing temperature is 60 degrees.
  • If the community mouth-nose masks are used for other purposes, this is the responsibility of the user


Community mouth nose mask with 5 pin buttons MADE IN GERMANY:

100% Cotton Oeko- tex 100 with mouldable nose clip inside the upper seam.

Elastic straps on each side with knot for individual adjustments: 100% Polyester

Coming with 5 pin- buttons in different sizes:

1x 22mm/ 0,86”, 2x 25 mm/ 0,98”, 1x 32 mm/1,26”, 1x 35 mm/1,46”